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Welcome from Patti Callahan Henry
The Perfect Love Song - Coming October 12th
Tour and Launch Party
Welcome from Patti Callahan Henry

I have always had a wild imagination, the kind of imagination that allowed me to believe I could fly or that my stories created worlds. In the spirit of my belief in the power of words, I've written a novella that also believes in this power.

I moved south when I was twelve years old and ever since then I have imagined that this land, this southern land, is made not of just dirt and homes and streets and oceans and rivers, but from stories. In some magical way, the south seems to be constructed from the fragments of stories told and retold, tales mastered until they are as solid as the concrete of any structure.

And that is exactly what this new novella - The Perfect Love Song - is about: how story builds a world and changes a life. My fascination (or obsession, depending on your definition) with myth and legend is an integral piece of this love story.

This holiday story asks the question: What is material gain compared to Love? Jimmy Sullivan must answer this question when he writes the "perfect" love song and is catapulted into a world of fame.

I hope you enjoy this story drenched in myth, legend and a wee bit of holiday magic.

To celebrate the release of The Perfect Love Song: A Holiday Story we have a contest for you. I've written only the first two lines of the song. You see, I'm not only envious of songwriters, but I have a fascination with their ability to tell a story in three stanzas while it takes me three hundred pages. I attempted to write a song for this book and made it to only the second line. So to that end, I am thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with award-winning country songwriter Dallas Davidson for a "Finish the Love Song" contest. (see below for more information). I look forward to seeing YOUR words to finish this song.

Patti Callahan Henry
The Perfect Love Song - Coming October 12th

In The Perfect Love Song, Callahan Henry tells the story of Jimmy Sullivan, who has been living on the road with his brother, Jack, and their band The Unknown Souls. The road is Jimmy's only home and music his only savior until he falls in love with a beautiful girl, Charlotte Carrington. Spending time with Charlotte inspires Jimmy to write a love song for her, which becomes an overnight sensation and is dubbed "The Perfect Love Song."

As Jimmy finds himself caught up in the desire for fame and fortune, the genuine lyrics of the song are overshadowed by his career ambitions. He begins to lose touch with Charlotte and makes a decision to miss his brother's wedding in Ireland for a chance to put on a show in New York City.

But on Christmas Eve Jimmy comes to a crossroads: Will he finally get the chance to perform on one of the biggest stages of his career?-or will he find his way back to his family, to Ireland...and to the love of his life, Charlotte?

Read an excerpt.

You can pre-order The Perfect Love Song: A Holiday Story at these online retailers:

Tour and Launch Party

My tour dates are being finalized and many of them are already up on my website. Take a look to see if I will be making an appearance in your area.

Also, for those of you in Atlanta, you're invited to my launch party! The official invite is posted on my website, so be sure to download the PDF for all of the details.

I hope to see you on the road these next few months as I celebrate the release of The Perfect Love Song!

Have you ever wanted to write a love song?

Well, now’s your chance to… FINISH THE PERFECT LOVE SONG!

To celebrate the October 12th release of The Perfect Love Song by Patti Callahan Henry, American country music songwriter Dallas Davidson will be judging entries to find THE PERFECT LOVE SONG.

Start with the words Jimmy sings to Charlotte and finish the love song:

“I cannot find or define the moment you entered my heart.
When you entered and turned a light on in the deepest part…”

he contest officially opens October 12th, but you can get a sneak-peek of the details on my website.

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