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Roddy smiled bitterly in his heart, as if he had been used to fainting inexplicably these days, and then woke up in another place inexplicably. He looked at the ceiling, dazed, covered in a soft silk quilt, as comfortable as if he were lying in a cloud, and if Roddy hadn't suddenly remembered Andy's words, he wouldn't have been able to help himself. He subconsciously reached out and touched his side. Sure enough, there was a long sword lying beside him in his right hand, because he was covered with a silk quilt, so he was not found. Master Seth. A very soft voice came from the foot of the bed, and Roddy propped himself up a little and saw the beautiful little maid who had seen her several times standing at the foot of the bed, holding a silk scarf in her hand and looking at herself with a blush. Angel gently walked to Roddy's side, carefully wiping Roddy's face with a soaked silk scarf, that kind of gentle action and careful appearance, as if wiping some precious treasure. The girl's delicate fragrance from the silk into the nose, Roddy only felt dizzy brain, the spirit is not clear immediately, feeling the girl's soft little hands in his face to wipe, can not help but some confused. When Roddy almost couldn't help reaching out to hug the girl's waist, his arm touched a cold thing, that kind of cold and biting feeling,plastic pallet manufacturer, so that he couldn't help but feel cold all over. Roddy immediately woke up and touched it, only to find that it was Andy who had given him the "lightsaber". Roddy sighed, scolded himself, and then looked at the beautiful little maid, who had a blush on her face and tiny beads of sweat on her forehead and nose, apparently tired of taking care of herself while she was unconscious. Roddy thought for a moment and then said, "Now … …" What time is it? Angel seemed quite happy. She smiled and said, "It's past dinner time now. Master Seth,plastic pallet supplier, the doctor has come to see you. He said there's nothing wrong with you. Just have a rest.". Also, Miss Nicole said that if you wake up, she will wait for you to eat in the restaurant, and if you feel uncomfortable, you can eat in your room. Just send me to talk to her. After saying this, Angel looked at Roddy expectantly, which clearly meant that she hoped Roddy would stay in the room. Roddy thought for a moment, although the charming little maid in front of him really made him interested, but the thought of Nicole looking for himself was afraid of something, it was not delayed, besides, the little maid probably liked not his silly boy, but the playboy, thought through this section, really felt bored. So Roddy sighed and said, mobile garbage bin ,collapsible pallet box, "Forget it. I have nothing left. Let's go to the restaurant." Angie had a disappointed look on her face, but she obediently served Roddy to get up, dress and freshen up. Although in Angel's eyes, it was strange to see the young master sleeping on the bed with a sword under the quilt beside him, it was nothing to think that the behavior of Master Seth on weekdays was quite different and outstanding. Roddy was full of curiosity and wanted to study the strange sword Andy had given him, but when he got out of the room, a servant immediately led him to the dining room. There were people around him all the way, and there was no chance. He could only carefully put the sword on his waist and touch it with his hand from time to time. Nicole was a little nervous when she saw Roddy being led into the dining room by the servant. She was a little scared today. Although Nicole stood on the sidelines, she could fully feel the power of Roddy's last sword-although she was a magician, she knew very well that Roddy's last sword used the legendary "real power"! That's no longer the fighting spirit of a simple senior samurai! Although the gas shield that Rand finally conjured up with his fighting spirit was also amazing, a man whose strength was close to that of a five-level warrior, placed anywhere in the Empire, could definitely be said to be a master, and even fought with this boy to lose both sides, the strength of this boy's outbreak was too scary-although Mr. Qiu said that his potential was great. But it's not that scary, is it? Oh my God.. Did Mr. Qiu teach him the light blade in the shape of a half-moon? Unexpectedly, a sword smashed Rand's gas shield! Nicole is aware of Rand's sad passing at the moment. After Roddy fell, Rand also collapsed. His injuries were much heavier than Roddy's! How big are the wounds on his body? Twenty-one! There are several, almost to the bone! After Rand fainted, the fighting spirit on his body disappeared immediately, and then the wounds all over his body were not suppressed by the fighting spirit, the blood immediately flowed out, and the whole person became a bloody man! According to the doctor, this guy doesn't have ten days and a half months to get up. And Roddy, although also fainted in the past, but only all over the body strength serious overdraft, the body is not enough to faint, as long as the proper rest, will soon recover. That is to say, Roddy was hardly hurt, except for the loss of a sword. This result, let Carter drillmaster to all samurai bodyguards, all shocked! Everyone believed that even drillmaster Carter himself would never be able to let Rand suffer such a serious injury while he was almost unharmed! When did this famous young man become so powerful? All of a sudden, all kinds of sayings came out among the warriors. Want to know, these big old rough can be the elite from the army, the so-called military elite, in other words, not to put too fine a point on it, that is, a group of soldiers who are familiar with the army. What good are the messages coming out of these guys' mouths? As a result, these rumors spread to the ears of the servant, groom, and cook, who had been in a muddle all day, and spread even more wildly. You know what? Master Seth is possessed by a ghost today! I've seriously wounded a fourth-class samurai! "I tell you, Master Seth has become the legendary Tathagata Palm!" "Hey, what, the young master's sword!"! It was clearly the ancient demon God's move of'Destroying Heaven and Destroying Earth,plastic pallet supplier, God Blocking and Killing God, Buddha Blocking and Killing Buddha, Heaven and Earth Wuji Wanjian Chaozong 108 Style '! 。 cnplasticpallet.com


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