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Writing a Book: The Essential Basics and Sources of Information

Writing is becoming a popular pastime. And everyone is trying to write, young and old, about everything, whether it's fanfics or personal stories. But the trend among aspiring authors is the same: it seems that all you need for writing a book is fantasy and imagination.

You think it up - you think it through - you write it, and that's it. And write my paper for me in 3 hours the high from the work received, and the happiness that he finished the book. And you can get to the next, again relying only on life experience, often modest, and imagination.

But this is an amateurish approach.

Why amateurish? Because fantasy alone is insufficient for credibility. Very little. And when you ask young authors questions - where in your story are other towns and villages, is it really one town and all? And why are two countries at war with each other? Because there is a tradition from old times, and they do not share the border lands, and politics has nothing to do with it? And write papers for money a villain appeared so evil by himself, and he has no dark past? And what about the psychology of character building? - There is only one answer. The answer is one, unquestioning and predictable: "It's a fantasy! It's a book! This is, after all, a fantasy! And anything is possible here!" And in fact...

Is anything possible in a fictional story?

Of course, many things are possible. The author's arbitrariness can justify magic, giants leaking into our world, and aliens with the apocalypse, after all. But research paper writing help the lack of credibility cannot be justified by fiction alone. And credibility requires knowledge, at least basic knowledge, and logic. Because no one will believe an illogical story. And no one will believe you as the author. And the book will close, not finishing, tired of the logical inconsistencies.

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