An iPhone app for sending virtual flowers to friends and family!

Do you want to wish your dearest friends good luck or thank them for being there when it mattered most? Do you want to let that special someone know you love or miss them? WILDFLOWERS, a new iPhone app from Patti Callahan Henry, allows you to send virtual wildflowers to your fellow untamed spirits, each delivering their own special meaning and a message from you. With original illustrations based on a fusion of Japanese woodcuts and Scandinavian design tradition, each of the app’s wildflowers offers a unique and beautiful way to show the vital people in your life what’s in your heart.

WILDFLOWERS was inspired by a wildflower scene in Patti Callahan Henry’s novel, Coming up for Air, the story of a woman suffocating in her cultivated life until she reawakens her wild and untamed spirit.

Whether proposed by legend or myth, every wildflower has its own meaning, yet all of them share the same untamed nature. WILDFLOWERS allows users to send messages of hope, love, encouragement, and inspiration to those in our lives whose spirits burst forth as unpredictably and as beautifully as wildflowers.