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Alone Together: Day Nine with Featured Guest Meagan Henry —A Week of Experts in Trying Times Serie

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Day Nine     Featured Guest— Meagan Henry 

Becoming Mrs. Lewis Virtual Book Tour Series  Newsletter March 30, 2020—Day Nine #AloneTogether 

Dear Reader,

It is pub week for the EXPANDED edition of BECOMING MRS LEWIS and instead of being with you out there in the world, I am here with you in the world.  We celebrated this week in very different ways.  What a fabulous week it has been!  You can go here to see the other Virtual Book Tour “events’ this past week.

Coming up: Tuesday, March 31st March Virtual Book Tour  7:30 pm Eastern Time US and Canada                        Host:  Katie McCormick  @JustOneMoreChapterPodcast

“How do we live our lives at home that we once lived out in the world?” Today is DAY NINE, the last installment in the of our author experts. I have gathered a cadre of author pals who are also experts in other fields.  I want to introduce you to our special guest, my lovely daughter, Meagan Henry of Moon and Rock. Founded by Meagan and Evan Rock—based on the Big Island of Hawai'i. She will be providing us with some special tips on how to stay healthy, vibrant, and beautiful from the inside/out.    I will let her take it from here (see below). 

Call Upon Love  

These times are reminding us that life is very, very precious. 

1. Stream of consciousness writing — 

A great symptom of quarantine is rapid thinking. We no longer have the distractions and outlets we’re accustomed to in order to direct our thoughts from place to place or person to person. We’re left to talking to ourselves more than we’d usually like to.