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Day Two: Virtual Book Tour Surviving Savannah

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Unique Details!

Every day this week I'll be telling you how we've made each virtual book tour event unique -- one a day and today I'm here to tell you about Savannah's event (with treasure!).

I am so excited to tell you all about this event because it is HERE you can finally finally see a few of the ARTIFACTS and TREASURES for the first time from the bottom of the sea! I will tell you stories about the artifacts, how the shipwreck hunters found them, and what they mean for our story (and how it changed my story).

SO let me tell you about our event @shipsofthesea and @e.shaver_bookseller on PUB DAY March 9th, 2021 at 6 PM EST.

I'll tell you the stories behind the stories; we'll have a question and answer time, and yes of course I will show you the treasure up close and personal right there at the S. S> Pulaski ship's model! OH and ONE MORE THING -- we'll randomly choose four of you and assign you as a passenger. At the end of the night we'll discover your fate!

$10.00 -- the event with the talk, QA, passenger fates and treasure

$20.00 -- the above with a donation to the museum

$40.00 -- the event, a donation to the museum and a signed first edition of Surviving Savannah (personalized if you please!)

This is also a fundraiser for the gem of a museum in Savannah, a place that was irreplaceable during my research and one of the many places that needs our support during COVID.

Cool event!

Discover More on my Events Page

Extra Special Guest - Mary Kay Andrews

So you want to see what's in the box (video in stories!) that just arrived from the shipwreck hunters? Join me and EXTRA EXTRA guess who is joining us at @shipsofthesea and @e.shaver_bookseller .

Guess guess.... @marykayandrews that's who! We'll be in discussion and talking live from the museum not only in front of the ship model but with these artifacts that have been lost...until now.

Join us!

You see, a quite amazing thing arrived -- a few of the unseen artifacts of the Steamship Pulaski that have been sitting at the bottom of the ocean for almost two hundred years. Personal items. Items that ended up in Surviving Savannah. To be honest, yes, I got a bit emotional taking them out of their protective bubble wrap and looking at them, remembering the stories of the people who took them on the ship, thinking about how these very items were honored in my book not because they are a treasure but because the passengers stories matter!

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Dec 22, 2022
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