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ET: The Ultimate Summer 2023 Reading List: The 16 Best Books to Read Right Now


MAY 11, 2023

By Rebecca Rovenstine‍

For those who love snuggling up with a good book, reading is the pinnacle of relaxation.

Whether you plan to read this summer while lounging in a hammock, sitting on a sandy shore, or staying indoors next to a window basking in the sunlight with the added comfort of your air conditioner, you'll still need one thing: the perfect summer read. Actually, you'll likely need several books to read this summer.

One such read is The Snow Girl from international best-selling author Javier Castillo. It's not only a page-turner but it has also been adapted into a popular series on Netflix.

The Secret Book of Flora Lea by Patti Callahan Henry

Sisters Hazel and Flora are sent to a rural town to escape war-torn London in 1939 only for Flora to disappear without a trace after arrival. Twenty years later, Hazel is working in a book store when she unwraps a book titled Whisperwood and the River of Stars, a place Hazel created for Flora that she shared with no one besides her missing sister.

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