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LB Lover of Books: AUTHOR CHAT with Patti—Once Upon a Wardrobe

DEC 10, 2023


Join me and Patti Callahan Henry for an cozy night discussing a perfect winter read, Once Upon a Wardrobe…a book about when trying to uncover the truth behind a favorite story, the answer ends up providing hope, healing & a magical journey for anyone whose life has ever been changed by a book.

💬 Come see why The Washington Post says “Once Upon a Wardrobe is a beautiful follow-up to Becoming Mrs. Lewis. It’s a love letter to books & stories with a meaningful message. Megs & her family learn that fantastical tales are more than mere ways to appease young children. Stories are nourishment for the souls that need joy the most, and sometimes they’re the only thing that can help us understand life.”

📹 Patti answers all the questions we’ve been dying to know: book in a book theme love, the real places, writing in quarantine and how it cures the ills, whose names she used for characters, personal holiday stories, Irish authors Nd so much more. Plus special guest author Sarah McCoy pops in to ask her own question to Patti and tells us why she too loves this novel. Get ready for a BIG Sunday hug!!!

➗1950: Margaret Devonshire (Megs) is a 17-year-old student of mathematics & physics at Oxford University. When her beloved eight-year-old brother asks Megs if Narnia is real, logical Megs tells him it’s just a book for children, & certainly not true. Homebound due to his illness & remaining fixated on his favorite books, George presses her to ask the Oxford professor/author of his recently released novel The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe: “Where did Narnia come from?”

🏠Rather than directly telling her where Narnia came from, Lewis encourages Megs to form her own conclusion as he slowly tells her the little-known stories from his own life that led to his inspiration. As she takes these stories home to George, the little boy travels father in his imagination than he ever could in real life.

🎁Lewis’s answers will reveal to Megs & her family many truths that science & math cannot, & the gift she thought she was giving to her brother—the story behind Narnia—turns out to be his gift to her, instead: hope.



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