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WAM and AARP Convene Top Alzheimer's Experts For An Unprecedented Event

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Changing the Future for All Minds

On the evening of July 15th, during the prestigious Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Los Angeles, the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement (WAM) partnered with AARP and the Global Council on Brain Health for an unprecedented gathering of over 65 top leaders in Alzheimer’s research, advocacy, and policy for an in-depth strategy session on the topic of women and Alzheimer's. The group convened to evaluate the state of scientific research and public policy as it pertains to women and Alzheimer's, with the aim of identifying areas that need either increased focus or a new approach.

"Everywhere I go, people are stunned to learn that Alzheimer's disproportionately impacts women," said WAM founder Maria Shriver. "We need to work together to figure out why that is. Women are at the epicenter of this crisis, which is why we must be at the heart of the solution. What's promising is that there are many female Alzheimer's researchers and thought leaders who are helping to lead the way. That tells me we're on track for women to be a part of history when we wipe out this disease once and for all." [READ MORE]



The concept of memory is very important to Nelson Charles Dellis, a 4x USA Memory Champion, best-selling author, public speaker, and consultant. In his book "Remember It!: The Names of People You Meet, All of Your Passwords, Where You Left Your Keys, and Everything Else You Tend to Forget," Dellis offers proven techniques on how to strengthen memory. Dellis is also featured in the new Netflix documentary "Memory Games," which follows four very different mental athletes as they compete for championship glory. The film also delves into what "memory" means to each of them. [READ MORE]



Move For Minds 2019 – Join Maria Shriver and an incredible group of the top researchers, health and wellness experts, and celebrities for a day of fun, fitness, and inspiration. [READ MORE] and [REGISTER] today.

Get Informed. Get Inspired. Get Moving.

Maria Shriver and The Women's Alzheimer's Movement present Move for Minds, an annual initiative that ignites you to make your brain health a priority!



We are so grateful for the generous support from many in our WAM community. This month we are proud to recognize our good friend, Cristina Carlino, who has been with the Women's Alzheimer's Movement since the very beginning and has donated generously to women-based research.

We recently asked Cristina–founder and creator of the cosmetic company Philosophy and author of "The Changing Room"–three questions about how supporting WAM has changed her life. [READ MORE]

Interested in supporting WAM by organizing an event? Email us for more details or get started here!



There are three documentaries currently available that we wanted to shout out as must-see viewing. Though they are very different in tone and story, each features Alzheimer's as a central theme.

They are:

  1. Memory Games: Currently streaming on Netflix, "Memory Games" features Nelson Dellis, this month's Ask the Expert. The film offers a glimpse into the brain's vast potential for memorization through the eyes of four competitive memory athletes as they share insights and techniques.

  2. Love is Listening: Dementia without Loneliness will open your heart and mind to people living with dementia. It offers a poignant journey from fear to presence.

  3. The 5th Dementia is based on the band made up of former professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who now struggle to remember due to Alzheimer's, dementia, and Parkinson's Disease. The film illustrates the transformative power of music. And though they rarely interact outside the rehearsal room, these talented men and women make beautiful music without a single sheet of paper. Click here for local screenings. (It will be available on-demand in November.)



This delicious, brain-healthy recipe for Chinese Glazed Salmon is from the book "Everyday Chinese Cookbook: 101 Delicious Recipes from My Mother's Kitchen" by Chef Katie Chin. [READ MORE]



1. Millennials Are Getting Ahead of Alzheimer’s Disease. Learn What They’re Doing and How It Can Help You: New research suggests that Alzheimer’s disease may start developing at a younger age, and young people, including actor Seth Rogen and wife Lauren, are taking action. Maria takes a closer look at the science and the millennials making changes to their lifestyles on the TODAY show. [WATCH THE VIDEO]

2. New Clues Reveal Why Women Are More At Risk For Alzheimer's Than Men: New research is out that may explain why women's Alzheimer's risk differs from men's. [READ MORE]

3. Live a Healthy Lifestyle and You May Reduce Your Risk for Alzheimer's: A new study suggests that healthy living can counteract even a high genetic risk of Alzheimer's. [READ MORE]

4. A Blood Test For Detecting Alzheimer's Is Close At Hand: Scientists are closing in on a blood test to screen for Alzheimer's, including one test that may be 94% accurate at finding early Alzheimer's brain changes. [READ MORE]

5. Is Exercise the Answer to Staving Off Alzheimer's?: Is aerobic exercise the right prescription for staving off Alzheimer's? That's what the EXERT clinical trial is trying to determine by having researchers prescribe exercise as if it were a drug, to see if it can prevent Alzheimer's. See if you qualify to participate in this nationwide study, and see how it's already providing benefits for it's participants. [READ MORE]



Standing desks may seem super trendy, but they also are great for brain health! It turns out that since the brain is meant to be on a vertical body, our brains perform better when standing up or walking! When vertical, the brain showers itself with BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor, essentially a protein for the brain). BDNF is a growth factor, like miracle grow for the flesh of the brain. BDNF helps our brains perform and communicate better, so by standing up throughout the day you are enhancing your brain naturally.

The more you stand up, the more you get up and walk around, and the more you exercise, the more brain-derived neurotrophic factor your brain will produce. And that might just lead to a healthier brain!

To see more brain tips, follow WAM on Instagram or download the WAM Guide to a Brain-Healthy Life.

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