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"What is Important to Us?"

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Year-End Newsletter 2019

Dear Friends,

"Books are very important to Patti."

This is a line I recently found in my Kindergarten report card. I wrote The End on my next historical fiction manuscript (more about that later this year, I promise) and went on a cleaning flurry. There it was – proof (as if I needed it) that in many ways, we are who we are. Hopefully, we grow and change, and yet this little line in a report card, which is fifty years old, begs the question: Are our compasses set in some ways? Are the things that are most important to us set into our hearts long before we know?

Of course, many other things have become important to me since 1969, and the New Year is always a great time to look closely at those very things.

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year to make a list that starts with “This year I….” and then just keep going until I run out. I add to it whenever I think of something. Included in this list is all the good, all the bad and all the everyday mediocre that makes up our lives.

I’d love to hear from you on what you put on your list…

Meanwhile, here is a list of some of the things I have coming up! And then the things I found this month that have impacted me!

Ready to take a ride through all of it?

Becoming Mrs. Lewis

Exciting Book News

Podcast Audiobook (12.07.20)

The Paperback with EXPANDED content (03.24.20)

Paperback 2020 Tour Events

Epic Finds

—“What I've found that I want to share.”

To say goodbye for now, and to bid 2019 Slán, I want to say that of all the things that are important to me – you, my readers and friends – are among the many I am grateful to have. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Happy New Year!

With 💕 Love


"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written."

—Melody Beattie

Arriving in one week . . .

Behind the Scenes of Becoming Mrs. Lewis The Podcast Audiobook launches!

Listen to a Thank You (above) and Upcoming Podcast Audiobook Intro

—From Patti

Behind the Scenes of Becoming Mrs. Lewis Podcast Audiobook

Coming Jan 7, 2020!

This edition collects all the interviews from Patti Callahan's Behind the Scenes of Becoming Mrs. Lewis podcast, as well as extensive bonus material not previously released, including an additional episode not released on the original podcast.

Pre-Order Podcast Audiobook


  • A bonus episode—including an interview with the founder and artistic director of Fellowship for Performing Arts, Max McLean.

  • Bonus chapters from Becoming Mrs. Lewis

  • A special letter, from author Patti Callahan to Joy Davidman

Another bonus episode coming up with ETC — more information soon!

Perfect for fans of the best-selling Becoming Mrs. Lewis as well as anyone interested in the story behind the story of Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis.

Patti Callahan (Author, Narrator), Lauren Woodward (Narrator), Full Cast (Narrator), Thomas Nelson (Publisher) 

Pre-Order Now

Audible Google Play Kobo Libro.fm 

Also available on Apple and everywhere audiobooks are sold on January 7th.  


Wall Street Journal

10 Leaders in Business, Politics, and Arts Share

Their Favorite Books of 2019

Each year we ask more than 50 leaders and luminaries from literature, business, politics and the arts to name the best books they’ve read during the year. You could spend all day reading the full list—and all year reading the books. As seen in The Wall Street Journal (Sat,12/14/19) BECOMING MRS. LEWIS

View Blog Post

"As I turned the final pages of Patti Callahan’s novel “Becoming Mrs. Lewis,” I couldn’t believe the two main characters had only known each other for a decade. 

The victim of an abusive husband, Joy Davidman flees America with her two small sons and sets up life in England. She becomes a writer and takes the chance to correspond with C.S. Lewis, author of the “Chronicles of Narnia” novels. Davidman wants to know more about Lewis’s conversion to Christianity from atheism. 

She, too, is a convert, from Judaism. Lewis writes her back, and the two become friends. 

Over the decade of their fierce and growing love, Davidman’s spirit and self-worth grow: “It wasn’t until England I saw who I could be: a brilliant light, cherished for who I was.” Her love in turn transforms Lewis from a man living only in his intellect. “Logic takes no account for the heart,” she tells Lewis. “How can you tell a heart what to do?” She opens him up to the grace of living fully and vulnerably, and changes this brilliant writer forever."

Susan Packard co-founder of HGTV and the author of “Fully Human.”

About Susan

Susan Packard is an American business executive. She is a co-founder of HGTV, and several other Scripps Networks Interactive network channels. Packard additionally worked on the startup teams of HBO and CNBC. She is the author of "Fully Human" and "New Rules of the Game" 10 Strategies for Women in the Workplace.

📚 I’m Reading:


Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb. 

A true story of a therapist, her therapist and our lives revealed – that is the subtitle and tells you everything you need to know in this fascinating book about our inner lives. I bet you won’t feel so alone as you read it!


Anne Rivers Siddons: Peachtree Road.

This last year we lost an icon in southern fiction — Anne Rivers Siddons. She impacted me as a writer in lasting ways. So this month, for my fiction read I suggest going old school to her landmark novel PEACHTREE ROAD


Instead of telling you about a specific podcast episode, let me tell you about the podcast Pints with Jack.

It is all about C. S. Lewis, so if you haven’t had enough…. 🤩 

I'm  📺 Watching

The Crown.

Who isn’t?

I am so fascinated that after every episode I research what is and isn’t real. I wonder why I’m writing historical fiction….hmmmm…. 😉

I'm  ✍  Writing 

I just finished (for now —until my editor gets her hands on it) the next historical fiction novel coming out March of 2021. I know that sounds forever away, but it will fly by. I’ll be talking so much about it as we head into the New Year. For now, let me tell you it is set in Savannah, Georgia in modern time and also in June of 1838. You curious? Good 😍 

Book 📚 News 

Becoming Mrs. Lewis 

A USA Today, Publisher's Weekly, and The Globe and Mail Bestseller.

A Christy Award 2019 Winner: Book of the Year

Amazon #1 Bestseller (Biographical historical fiction)

and ECPA Bestseller

Coming in Expanded Paperback Edition

March 24, 2020 

New expanded edition includes:

  • A map of OxfordAn expanded discussion guide with 20+ questions for book clubs

  • A timeline of Jack and Joy's Lives

  • Joy's (imagined) letter to Jack

  • 10 Things You May Not Know About Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis's Love Story

  • A Behind the Scenes Essay: Oxford—The City

In a most improbable friendship, she found love. In a world where women were silenced, she found her voice. 

Pre-Order Book

Becoming Mrs. Lewis

Paperback Book Tour 2020

Want to join me out there on the road?

Here are some of the places I’ll be.  Would love to see you!