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Media: Parade Magazine—"Judge a Book By Its Cover."

Updated: 22 hours ago

Feb 21, 2021 Sunday Parade Feature

Read all about it here: —Megan O’Neill Melle

(Download PDF below)

Parade Covers
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"Judge a Book BY ITS COVER"

What can you tell about a book based on its cover? “A lot,” says Izzard Ink publisher, Tim McConnehey “Whether they’re conscious of it or not, readers of certain genres are drawn to books with the same visual themes.”

So designers often ensure the cover of a new book is in line with other bestsellers. Here are a few examples coming this spring.

Literary Fiction: In The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano (April 6, Pamela Dorman Books) by Donna Freitas, a woman grappling with motherhood explores nine different outcomes, each “what if” slightly different and illustrated by the cover’s nine misaligned florals. $26